Ledger Nano S – Factory Reset to Default

This guide will instruct you how to reset your Ledger Nano S bitcoin hardware wallet back to its factory defaults. Doing so will delete your bitcoin key from the device. This means you will no longer be able to access your bitcoin from the hardware wallet. Make sure you have recovered your backup in another wallet, or have spent all of your bitcoin before continuing.

Plug in your Ledger Nano S and enter your pin to unlock the device. Navigate to the settings icon and press both buttons at the same time to enter the menu. Using your left and right buttons to navigate the menu, select “Device” from the menu options, and press both buttons at the same time to continue.

Scroll down to the option “Reset All” and press both buttons to continue. A warning message will appear warning you about resetting your hardware wallet. Using the right button, select the check mark to continue. You will now need to enter your pin code. After you have entered your pin code, pressing both buttons to select the check mark will finalize your choice to factory format your Ledger Nano S.

Your device is now factory restored and your key is removed.